Hola people!

I have been a religious user, fan and follower of beauty/make-up/Health & well-being/grooming products, recipes, ideas and tips. All due to my exposure to many different kind of lifestyles, women & people in general with loads of traveling and exploring (majorly because of me being a fauji’s daughter, living in more than 40 cities, working in the modelling/events/media industry). Being a model, fashion choreographer and a Dancer myself. I got to learn make-up, styling and grooming from the best in the industry.

“indiBrownBeauty” is just that endeavor to share my knowledge, tips, suggestions and hard core honest reviews.

Being an Indian, brown skinned, around 30 woman, there is a lot to tell and share ;).

Also half of what I may tell, you might already know but then its always better to hear it again from someone else and eventually do it yourself :p

So welcome aboard stay tuned and stay beautiful!

– Tanvi S Parekh, India

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