Ghee is great for you!

I am a sucker for healthy & home made foods, specially the ones we can make from our own kitchen supplies.

Today I am going to share one of my favorites. Its the simple process of making in ghee(clarified butter) from malai(milk cream). And it holds great benefits for your health too.

Ghee is sometimes referred to as clarified butter since the milk solid have been “cleared” from it.  Once these milk solids are removed from the butter, you are left with a beautiful golden oily substance.  Once made, ghee contains practically no lactose or casein, making it suitable for people that cannot normally digest dairy.  Many chefs prefer ghee over butter as well, since the smoke point of ghee is much higher, at about 450 degrees.

A large component of the health benefits of ghee are derived from the short-chain fatty acid, known as butyrate acid, which is present in ghee.  This vital fatty acid has been clinically proven to increase energy, heal the colon wall, prevent colon cancer and reduce autoimmune conditions, among other benefits.  Although western science is just now discovering the numerous benefits of this nutrient, these healing properties have been well-known information among Ayurvedic doctors for thousands of years, and its top benefits are as below!

Health Benefits of Ghee:

  1. Increases Digestion. Ghee stimulates the secretion of stomach acids and in turn increases our ability to break down food.   Ghee also removes toxins and promotes elimination, both of which will help to increase one’s overall digestive capacity.
  2. Enhances the absorption of nutrients. Ghee not only helps to break down food matter, but also increase the ability of the intestinal wall to absorb vital nutrients.  Since most individuals have a deficiency of these fundamental nutrients, this is essential in increases one’s health and wellness.
  3. Enhances the healing properties of herbs. In Ayurvedic medicine, ghee goes way beyond a dietary ingredient.  Ghee is a well know catalystic agent, which has the ability to drive the healing properties of the herbs down into the deep tissues.  This in turn will enhance their effectiveness and healing potency.
  4. Increases vital Ojas in the body. Ojas is the subtle energetic force that is responsible for one’s energy, vitality and immunity.  A person with healthy Ojas is soft, gentle, compassionate and patient.  Ojas is also responsible for a healthy luster of the skin as well as a strong, healthy libido.  Ghee will enhance all of these qualities when taken consistently in proper proportions.
  5. Heals the intestinal wall. Ghee is one of the highest sources of butyrate acid, a short-chain fatty acid.  This healthy fatty acid is vital in the health of the intestinal wall, as it nourishes, heals and reduces inflammation of the gut wall making it ideal for disorders such as “leaky gut syndrome”, IBS, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.  Butyrate acid is balancing to the gut flora and is beneficial for reducing Candida overgrowth and other unwanted pathogens.
  6. Reduces the risk of colon cancer. Butyrate acid has been proven to be preventative to colon cancer, as it increases the healthy bacteria in the colon, removes the unhealthy and is responsible for the growth and regulation of colon cells.  Ghee in general aids in healthy elimination as well. These are all components for optimal colon health.
  7. Lubricates the body, externally and internally. Ghee is a well-known treatment in Ayurveda for relieving dryness in the body, as it is oily and moisturizing by nature.  Whether taken internally or applied externally, ghee has the ability to nourish and lubricate the tissues on a cellular level.  This reduces dry skin, dry colon (constipation), inflammation and stiff joints while increasing luster, flexibility and promoting healthy elimination.
  8. Promotes the elimination of toxins stored in the body. Ghee is traditionally used to remove deep-rooted physical and mental toxins during an Ayurvedic cleanse.  It is a vital step in the preparatory phase (purva karma) of the cleanse, as well as during the cleanse itself.  By taking ghee in large doses prior to the cleanse, it “loosens” the deep-rooted toxins from the tissues which allows them to be eliminated from the body.Without this, the removal of toxins will only be on a superficial level.
  9. Used as rejuvenation therapy. Although ghee is used to aid in cleansing, it is just as vital for the rebuilding and regeneration of the tissues as well.  In times of depletion, weakness and debility (including after a cleanse or illness), ghee is an amazing medicine for increasing energy, strength, immunity, vitality and stamina.  Ghee can be mixed with rejuvenating herbs, mixed with honey or simply added to each meal.
  10. Nourishes the brain and nervous system. Ghee is known as a “medhya” substance as it increases mental reception, intellect and memory.  It is beneficial for mental and emotional imbalances, as well as a depleted, sensitive nervous system.  Since fat is needed in order to break the blood/brain barrier, taking brain nourishing herbs along with the ghee will only enhance these mentally boosting benefits.
  11. Powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Ghee possesses powerful anti-inflammatory agents making this a necessary medicine for allergies, arthritis and autoimmune conditions.  Chronic inflammation can cause premature aging, pain, swelling, burning, stagnation and irritation.  When left untreated, inflammation soon leads to destructive disorders such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune conditions.

How to make ghee at home:

I use buffalo milk, so I use the thick layer of malai that collect over boiled & cooled milk. I separate that using a strainer & collect it in a small container. Once my container is full enough (approximately 500 gms of cream is collected) I start my ghee making mission.

All you need to do is take a pan/kadhai, put it on medium flame, add all your collected malai in it.

After about 15 mins a thin oily substance will begin to appear on top, to make the ghee separation process faster I add a tablespoon of wheat flour, this speeds up the process. Once the residue is light brown in color, turn of the gas and strain the liquid in to a jar. And Voila! your homemade ghee is ready.

I use the remain light brown crusty leftover in my gravy dishes like paneer makhanwala and sorts. I am sure if you like cooking you will find more ways to use it!

So now go ahead & binge on some ghee ladies :p


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6 travel must haves!

There are so many things you wish to carry but wont fit in your journey! And there are things you have been carrying along throughout your trip whether long or short but they aren’t of any use either.
Being a woman traveler the list is endless!!! Phew!!! But I have managed to conclude my top favorite 5 items that are kind of a life saver and make my journey easy!


Travel must haves

So here we go:

Yes we are in that age when we need our phones to work all the time, specially when you are travelling alone! Pls invest in a reliable & portable power bank. The last thing you need is dead battery on a scenic location or emergency situation. There are many good brands in the  online market available, You can do some research on flipkart & Amazon.

2. Swiss Knife!!!
This is my top favorite. It’s a one man army for cutting out tough luggage tags, to cutting some fruit, bottle opener, paper cutter or even more importantly for self defense, this one comes in handy. Now it doesn’t have to be a “victorinox” it can be a good one you find at these shops selling good imported stuff. Mine is about 10 years old, Chinese make and still works just fine! Mind you, if you are flying by air don’t keep this in your handbag or you will end up donating this off!

3. Detergent Sachets:
As funny as it may sound but this is a life saver. Mostly you come  across these horrible washrooms but you have no option but use them. That is the time when these tiny detergent sachets save life. (cost RS. 1 or 2 brands aerial, rin, surf, etc)  Use those small single use packets, prick one open, sprinkle all around the WC & flush, do this before you use the loo. This ways you kind of wash of away germs, make the place smell better, and also leave it clean for the next person.
You will need this trick at public washrooms mostly.
Apart from this, yes it comes in handy for quick washing of small clothes when you are on a long journey and have less access to amenities to get your laundry done!

4. Dry shampoo
Yes, it’s awesome! When you are travelling long hours and have no time to keep washing and styling your hair every second day this can come in handy. Use it the day your hair begins to get oily or limp don’t wait for it to get flat. When you do so, you are able to make your hair last a bit longer and in better condition as well. It’s mostly like a white powdery spray. You need to spray it in the roots of your hair, and then brush along the lengths of it. It absorbs grease, flaky dirt and oil, making your hair crisp again.
There are many popular brands available in India. Take your pick!

5. Vaseline
This one can work  wonders! From healing shoe bites, sunburns, to cuts and small wounds, chapped lips to dry skin this heals all. Only tip use the slightly yellow one which is the pure petroleum jelly, mostly considered an imported item, here in India but easily available. This one is thick and does not leak in the luggage due to heat or pressure. Still pls pack it in a plastic bag to avoid any surprises. It works best when used generously at night.

6. Band aids:
I love this invention. From sealing the essentials under that sheer top, to fixing shoe bites. To the obvious nicks & cuts one may encounter over any trip, they come in really handy. I always travel with a min pack of 10! Just in case!

Apart from these there are so many items I can think of like tissue packs- wet & dry both, sanitizer, mini perfumes, compact powder & a small medical kit, but I guess you can make sense of these for now!
PS: I use my hair iron to iron my clothes sometimes, or even the collars & cuffs :p

Hope you liked this post.
Sorry guys couldn’t add many pics because I am traveling now 😉
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