Ultimate Fuchsia find!

I have been looking for that perfect Fuchsia pink matte lipstick for a while now, and guess what? I found the best one from the range of ULTIME PRO – Long wear matte lipstick by FACES.

I am currently an NC42/43 (MAC compact shade) skin color, which light wheatish shade and wanted something just right for my complexion- not too slutty yet sexy!


This shade is ’07 – Read my lips’, a nice creamy yet long lasting lip color. It glides easily does not dry out the lips, looks bright on the face a slight deep pink neon feel adds the glamor to the color.

I am anyways quite impressed with the brand ‘FACES’ product range. I picked this one up from a Bombay mall in town.

Price: Rs.599/-

Verdict: Go try this one, its worth it! The quality of the lipstick is great and so is the color range available!


Red riding pout!


Oh Yes! I love red lips! Red, luscious, pout – Irresistible!

They create an awesome oomph factor! But the trick is to wear them right! I took a long time to find my red shades just right for my skin tone – light Wheatish Indian skin tone because I feared looking tacky so much!!

But then as always, my hunt came to an end after like a month & I found just what I was looking for!

Here are my pics: Which Reds to buy?

  • MAC – Ruby woo – A 50 :: Its a matte, deep blood red, thick lipstick and does not drain color for long hours. It creates a fab look. If you are a Red lover this is a must have!! Price around: Rs.1000 (not sure of the exact amount as I bought mine for Rs.900, a year and a half ago and its still going strong :D)
  • FACES – Red Coral 809 :: Okay this is a little cheaper option, its creamy and the color is rich retro red, the only thing is you need to be careful because in a humid climate it will tend to get drippy, its just right of a dry climate like winters, as it provides enough moisture to the lips and avoids cracking of them as well. Price around: Rs.600
  • In case you need a lip liner pencil then the best shade to go with the above shades is a MAC – Cherry lip pencil. For me a lip brush works just fine!

Pointers to get that perfect red pout!

  • Make sure your lips are in a healthy condition, not dry and flaky or else it kills the red look you tend to look like a war victim!
  • Before you start your make up, put a layer of vaseline for about 10 mins and then wipe off with a tissue or cotton ball. Make sure there is no vaseline left anywhere or else it will make your lipstick color drip and drain. This is just to get rid of any flakes on the lips and skin moisture so that the lipstick does not crack.
  • After you are done putting your base liquid or compact, puff some on the lips as well, just slight puffing is fine.
  • Use a lip liner or a brush to outline the lips and follow by a complete application. After 5 mins dab with a tissue paper and apply the next layer.
  • In case you have a long night or event, dab an additional time and apply another layer, also carry a compact and the lipstick with a brush for a touch up just incase!

Hope this is good enough to paint your town red 😉